Many of us would admit to having an extensive to-do list when it comes to our homes. In amongst the scribbled bullet points, dog-eared interiors magazines and numerous images pinned on Pinterest, this inspiring list reveals the home improvements we want to make and the DIYs we’re longing to start. We always profess that we will get round to these next week, or the week after. But as these weeks inevitably turn into months, those pictures remain unhung, the treasures and trinkets you had-to buy in the January sales remain confined to their solitary delivery box, and the colour swatches painted hastily onto that feature wall begin to fade from waves of indecision.

Simple home improvements, however small, can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your home. From brightening a space up with a lick of paint to make it feel more inviting to useful storage solutions that help to make the weekly cleaning routine that little bit easier – they all play a part in making you fall in love with your home and creating a space that’s personal to you.

# 1 a warm welcome

It may sound simple, but a bright hallway or porch is integral in making a house a home. It’s the first thing you see when you step through the front door – and the first thing your guests will see – so inject a little bit of colour and homeliness to help make that welcome home more personal and extra special. A rug or runner can be an inexpensive but effective purchase as it’s something you see – and step on! – everyday. If you’re tired of always misplacing your keys or leaving your sunglasses upstairs, a streamlined console table propped in the hallway is ideal for housing those odds and ends you can’t leave the house without.

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#2 cosy furnishings

It’s surprising what adding a few plump cushions and textured throws can do to a somewhat lacklustre living room. Perhaps you’re saving for a new sofa but find the one you have now less than inspiring. Try draping faded fabrics and outdated prints with luxurious and colourful throws, and accessorising liberally with large, plush cushions for a new lease of life. If you’re looking to invest in a sumptuous new sofa later this year, opt for neutral soft furnishings now – that way you can still use them when a new sofa arrives too.

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#3 showcase those memories

This is especially true in an era of social media and technology. While it seems that we are taking more pictures and snapshots of our lives than ever, they remain confined to a host of symmetrical small squares and devices that are easily lost or broken. Photographs provide a beautiful timeline of our past – of long hot summer days, long-lost friends and family holidays – so it’s important to remember them. Breathe new life into a hallway or the empty wall above your bed with a carefully curated gallery wall filled with framed pictures and prints. An easy DIY to undertake for the weekend, find mismatched frames at your local charity shops and fill them with photos that make you smile.

#4 plant life 

It’s true what they say about nature and the positive impact that the great outdoors can bring. House plants show no signs of slowing down in 2018, as their popularity and precedence continues to bloom in homes up and down the country. Just adding one or two Aloe Vera plants to your bathroom, an Ivy to your mantelpiece or eucalyptus stems to your bedroom can help to make a homely impression. What’s more, it’s a quick and inexpensive improvement to undertake – perfect for the weekend!

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#5 get crafty

Perhaps you don’t feel particularly nimble with a thimble or adept at DIY, but you’d be surprised what you can achieve with fabric remnants, leftover wallpaper and limited crafting ability! Thrift shops and car boot sales are great destinations if you’re looking for vintage and mismatched prints, or if you’re after second-hand earthenware and glassware for housing those early spring blooms. Spruce up your kitchen with a string of homemade bunting (there’s lots of tutorials online!), try brightening up a dark alcove with bold patterned wallpaper, or inject a little colour to mealtimes with homemade seat cushions.

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If you’re eager to make a few home improvements, naturally one weekend does not give you a lot of time to make any drastic changes! Adding a pop colour here and there with soft furnishings, hanging those photographs and prints you’ve been putting off, or making a start on a few homemade craft projects can really help to give your home an instant refresh. If all else fails and you’re inundated with chores and drop-offs this weekend, you’ll find that a simple bouquet works rather nicely too!

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