Nina Campbell is one of the world’s most respected and influential interior designers – and a rare breed who can appeal to both young and old. Internationally recognised, Nina’s interior design business has resulted in her own collection of fabrics and wallpapers, as well as a thriving retail shop in the heart of Knightsbridge in London.

Nina Campbell Wallpaper
Photo credit: Simon Brown

Nina has created interiors for royalty and celebrities and received numerous awards for style and design – her philosophy is a home should be personally tailored to the individual and should reflect the person’s own particular needs and lifestyle; and the tone for the home begins in the humble hallway.

The entrance into your home is where you can stamp personality and/or reflect the history of the house. It is a space that everybody uses – throughout the day, yet no real time is spent there so you can afford to be daring.

Oakland Shoe Storage Bench

A few of Nina’s top tips for this space include:

Decide on a point of impact. This may be a where or a what – consider a strong statement colour in a contained area, or perhaps use a lacquer finish for something more textured.  Or consider a unique piece of furniture that stands out.

If you have a small hall, mirrors can make all the difference. Placing mirrors along one wall widens the space.

Oakland Shoe Cupboard

Use a colour that blends with others. The hallway is the entry point to other rooms, so you need a colour that will go with those on the walls in other rooms.

Hallway Blanket Box

Console tables are brilliant. In a narrow hall, think about adding a console table so you have to have somewhere to put your letters. A console table can make a real statement as well as being practical.

Farmhouse Ivory Console Table

If you need a little inspiration, check out The Cotswold Company’s large range of console tables.

Always try to keep the entrance hall as clear as possible. Try to find a cupboard or somewhere to hang your guests’ coats which is not immediately by the front door, as that can look a complete mess. A coat cupboard would work or if you prefer hooks find some that complement the space design.  See an array of coat hook options here.

Caldecote Hall Tidy

Always think about flooring. If you have wooden floors or carpeting, a doormat at the entrance not only helps distinguish the space, but it also helps preserve the floor or carpet underneath.

Farmhouse Natural Storage Bench

Good lighting is crucial in your hallway. Install your lighting on two levels, as this makes for a more adaptable space. A picture or wall light gives more glamorous light when guests leave in the evening, while a ceiling light provides more concentrated light for the daytime.

Don’t forget to hang pictures. If you collect art or prints, then hanging pictures in your hallway shows off your collection in a way you (and your guests) can enjoy.

Bourton painted Large Storage

Whatever it is you decide for your hallway, make it count – don’t forget it is the window for many into the rest of your home, so deserves some attention.


  1. My hallway is very important, as I run a quality bed & breakfast from my home, it is the first area guests see, so I have a beautiful wooden console table that my ex husband made, who is a furniture designer/maker, and I have a lovely hand made paper machie plate with bright zesty fruits painted on, where my keys and gloves live. I also have hooks on a piece of wood that reads “Happiness is Home Made” for coats to be hung, and a mirror above the console table, which reflects the light as the hallway is long and narrow.

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