Westcote Blue

In recent months, we’ve seen a notable shift in the preferred colour palette for homes and interiors. Moving from the neutral, pastel shades popularised by the Scandinavian and Shabby Chic trends of the last decade, our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds have been filling up with darker, more moodier hues of deep navy, black and rich greens. Heading over to the dark side, as it’s known, is not a decision to be made lightly, however, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

L-R Downpipe | Hague Blue | Railings | Stiffkey Blue

Opting for a deep blue colour palette, as championed by Farrow & Ball, needn’t mean a dark and dreary home, however. A common misconception of this trend is that it will make your home feel smaller, darker and uninviting – but it can just as easily make it feel opulent, elegant and sophisticated too –  it’s all about balance! 

for the KITCHEN

A navy kitchen continues to top the interior trend lists and remains one of the most popular rooms in which to utilise darker hues. Many of us dream of owning a light and airy kitchen so if you’re worried choosing navy or inky blues will make it look dark and cramped – but you’re keen to give it a go – keep the walls and flooring light and natural and opt for colourful cabinets for a striking contrast.

westcote blue

Our beautiful Westcote Blue kitchen range champions our modern country aesthetic – and this trend! – perfectly. A must-have for traditional country cottages and urban apartments alike, the dark blue finish boasts satin lacquered oak and premium quality oak veneer tops – making it the perfect option if you’re looking to venture over to the dark side.


Mixing in metallic accessories will help to complement and brighten darker hues too!

Borden Mirror | Bird Hooks | Osseus Antique Clock

for the BEDROOM

We often associate light neutral tones with calm and serenity – and while this is true – there’s no reason why a dark feature wall can’t help to create a relaxing environment too. Your bedroom is a very personal space, it’s not only the room where you sleep, but one where you relax and unwind after a long day at work or enjoy breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings! Keep it light and bright with table lamps and accessorise with cosy, tactile textures to ensure it remains a welcoming and inviting retreat.

Aurene Table Lamp | Robinson Copper Lamp | Floyd Table Lamp | Teardrop Lamp

Clemento Round Rug | Devon Throw | William Morris Cushion

Our beautiful Westcote Blue collection also comes in a range of stunning bedroom furniture too. A perfect addition if you prefer to keep your walls and flooring neutral but love the idea of enriching and switching up your space with darker hues!

radley painted

Tall, dark and discernibly handsome, our magnificent Radley Painted range proudly champions the increasingly popular black trend that has also been making waves recently. We think it makes a striking statement – especially when paired against lighter, more natural tones.

for the BATHROOM

The bathroom is a great room to experiment with as its smaller size lends itself nicely to creativity and trialling new trends that have caught your eye.

If the idea of incorporating darker hues into your bathroom tickles your fancy more so than in the bedroom or kitchen, our beautiful Westcote Blue cupboard is a great way to introduce the trend without going the full hog.

Vintage Flower Box | Navy Striped Rug | Seagrass Storage Basket

Including natural textures and lighter accessories will help to complement this rich shade perfectly too.


So it seems as though the dark side trend is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. While many will still prefer the subtlety of more neutral tones in their homes, these are just a few of the ways those darker and richer tones can be easily incorporated – whether you’re going all in for those striking navy hues or thinking about smaller bursts of inky blues here and there instead.


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