When the Christmas tree is looking fabulous the next port of call on the Christmassy ‘to do’s’ is focussing our attention to the dining table. Creating a captivating place to congregate on Christmas day is essential and great fun to achieve. Here are some of the quick fix tricks that we’ll be using to make this year’s Christmas dinner memorable and magical…

Sparkling Glass


Making sure that glass is highly polished with a fiber free cloth can make the whole of your dining table look like it’s shimmering in the candle light. Providing at least a wine glass and a water tumbler for each of your guests is a good way to cover most of the beverage bases and the extra glass on the table will add even more shine to your display. Classic crystal decanters add a sparkling glow to your table, as well as providing an after dinner treat. But if you want to keep your display as rustic as possible, just a humble glass carafe or a bottle or two of tap water on the table will look wonderful and allow your guests to help themselves when they’re feeling parched.

Bringing the Outdoors In


There’s no need to spend a fortune on table decorations this Christmas. One of the most beautiful ways to create a central display is to use what mother nature has provided. Go into your garden and pick a selection of seasonal foliage and have fun creating a central display on your table. Continue it on other flat surfaces around the house and your efforts will look considered and coherent. Use a candle as your central starting point and build out from there. Keep it natural and finish with some garden berries or even some tied cinnamon sticks and your display will become the talking point of the table. Nothing evokes the sense of traditional Christmas spirit in the same way that natural materials do. Just like they did in the olden days; make what you can from what you have, and the results will be wonderful!

Candles Galore!


The festive table can never have too many candles as far as we’re concerned! We found some stunning crystal glasses from a local flea market to hold our tealights. They create a beautiful warm glow and the crystal projects some magical golden patterns across the table. Collecting a number of different vessels to house your tealights and then teaming them with a bulky, classic church candle or two can create the most heartwarming Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas All Tied Up


Individually tied cotton napkins are such a show stopper. They make every place setting look like it’s been showered with attention and yet they’re such a quick and easy detail to achieve. Find some cotton ribbon you love or go as simple as a piece of natural twine to tie your table settings together. To beautify it even more, tuck a small sprig of your foliage into each bow and hey presto, your guests will feel suitably special.

Crackers for Christmas


Making your own crackers is brilliant fun. You can make Christmas day really personalised just by spending a little extra time on this small but crucial element. There are all sorts of kits available these days, which make the construction a little less daunting, but the real fun and excitement comes in selecting the gifts and jokes you want to put inside. Making them specifically for the person receiving them is such a nice touch. Even if it’s as simple as filling it with some of their favorite sweets and a daft anecdote or two about your friendship, it’s got to be better than a tired knock-knock joke and miniature sewing kit! If you want to go 100% bespoke, take a look at this step by step guide on making some from scratch and see if you’re up for the challenge!

Sweet as a Nut


Sweets and nuts on offer in amongst your display is a wonderfully traditional sight on the dining table. Not only do they offer a welcome treat for your guests, they also provide additional texture and interest to your table decor.


Seeking out some small baskets or vintage plates and bowls is a great way to present your treats. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, just keep an eye on local charity shops, boot fairs or second-hand stores to find something fun, unique and inexpensive.

A Sharing Platter


There’s nothing quite like a sharing platter to get your Christmas guests interacting and feeling excited about the food on offer. Breaking bread with close friends and family is a crucial part of the Christmas period, so why not remove the formality of a set starter and make the whole thing a little more rustic. Sharing is fun and fabulously easy to prepare, so you can focus your culinary attentions on the main event…Christmas dinner. We’d recommend finding a large, worn chopping board to present your fresh bread, cold meats, cheeses, grapes, and figs. A delicious appetizer your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

For even more inspiration, take a look at our Christmas Dining Decor board on Pinterest and you’ll be brimming with ideas for the festive feast.


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