With the last of the pine needles hoovered up, the Christmas decorations carefully wrapped and tucked away for another year and the few remaining chocolate biscuits dunked and devoured, you can start to think ahead and plan for the new year. The festive season often provides us with the perfect opportunity – especially if we invited guests to stay and spent the run-up to Christmas frantically tidying – to see where we would like to make improvements, big or small, within our home. With the treasures, trinkets, nostalgic hand-me-downs and couldn’t-part-with collectibles we’ve searched for, discovered and curated over the years, handy storage solutions often prove an invaluable and much-welcomed addition.

From glass-fronted cabinets perfect for displaying a few of your favourite things, to large oak bookcases, wicker storage baskets and hallway storage benches for discouraging stray shoes, you’ll be living in a clutter-free home in no time!

for the STAR BAKER

From baking utensils to bread flours, vintage glasses, preserves and bowls, it’s handy to have somewhere to store all those culinary necessities. With abundant storage, shelving and slots, our beautiful Pantry Cupboards and Larders are a handy addition to have if you’re looking to keep your wares safely stowed away, and in convenient reach.

for the WALKER

From odd shoes to muddy wellies, and well-worn slippers to I’m-just-putting-the-bins-out sliders – each is notorious for plaguing our hallways or congregating in an untidy heap in the entrance hall. Keep this area clean, tidy and clutter-free with a beautifully finished and wonderfully handy shoe storage bench with ample storage and a comfy pew to match.

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You know what they say – tidy house, tidy mind – so keep those papers in order and your files safely organised. Even if you’re not particularly organised by nature, a sturdy storage cabinet is the perfect solution to another popular saying – out of sight, out of mind!

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for the FILM BUFF

With many of us now owning a television in our homes, it’s easy for this area to become untidy as it grows over-run with wires and different media appliances. With ample and convenient storage, our TV cabinets will help to ensure this corner remains the focal point for all the right reasons, not to mention the perfect spot to enjoy your favourite film!


To read more is always a popular new years’ resolution for many of us – to pick up and dust off those novels we’ve been meaning to read, but never got round to. To aid this commitment, we have a range of blanket boxes and storage solutions perfect for stowing away all those necessary throws and cushions required for a relaxing afternoon of reading.

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Don’t forget, that in amongst all those stray shoes and unruly TV wires, nostalgic knick-knacks and yet-to-be-plumped cushions, rows of vintage mismatched glasses and long-forgotten – though probably important – paperwork, lies your home. In all its clutter and characteristic chaos, it is a personal hub of nostalgia and memories – one from which all your wonderful and memorable stories first begin. Whilst we offer many a handy storage solution to help maintain and tame it, be proud to show it off too.

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