A country kitchen is often the hub of the house. A sort of ‘nerve centre’ of the home. A place where the family fuel is created and sometimes consumed. The kitchen can be many things…where the kids do their homework, the spot where you catch up with friends or a place where culinary experiments succeed or fail! All in all, it’s where so much more than just the cooking gets done, so your furniture needs to reflect that.

We think that with a few finely selected pieces you can equip your kitchen with all the tools it needs to keep home life ticking along seamlessly and help you build a classic country kitchen, wherever your home may be.

A Whole Larder Love

A country kitchen is incomplete without the presence of a lovely Larder. There’s something incredibly satisfying about these majestic structures taking centre stage and providing an abundance of nooks and crannies to stow away your food and kitchen paraphernalia.

 Take a look at our Caldecote French Grey, Oxford and Oakland ranges for some fine examples of Larder storage.

The Kitchen Diner 

Having a space in your kitchen to feast as well as cook is a blessing and adds another layer to the sociable joy of a country kitchen.

 Choosing an extendable table in your kitchen can offer flexibility at feeding time and makes finding space outside of mealtimes a little easier. This Lundy Round Table is neatly compact in its circular form, providing an ideal spot for a cuppa and a chinwag. When extended it’s transformed to a place where the whole family can gather and have enough elbow room to devour dinner.

La Isla Bonita

  The great thing about freestanding kitchen islands is that wherever they are they evoke the look and feel of a country kitchen, but it’s important to remember they’re not exclusively suited to large kitchen spaces.

You can find a multitude of options that offer the 360-degree access to the surface, storage and shelf space we all love with a kitchen island, but compacted into small butchers blocks or petite islands that are ideal for small kitchens!

This Caldecote French Grey Island is a great example of how small kitchen spaces can still house central storage. Though minimal floor space is used it provides that much-needed additional prep space that we all hanker for in a petite kitchen.

 Wine Storage

Having a designated stash for your wine and more importantly a spot to keep red wine at room temperature is such a worthy indulgence if you’re a fan of good food and drink. Bottle storage of any description is an incredibly useful addition to the suite of storage units in your kitchen.

It’s another tool for getting organisation into your space; planning specific homes for your kitchen items from the outset provides a path to an orderly, harmonious kitchen.

Dress It Up

The Dresser is another country kitchen classic. They’re endearingly practical but also provide a perfect stage for you to display your kitchen finery. Ultimately a Dresser can be used to add character to your kitchen. While traditional static kitchen units can often look generic, the introduction of a Dresser can create a fabulous focal point and a platform to get creative with display.

The Art of Accessorising

 Product photo 1

Some key kitchen accessories can not only make your kitchen look more considered but also provide some functional additions that can relieve the pressure on your general kitchen storage.

Product photo 1

Have a browse through our accessories online or find our new collection exclusively in store and you’ll find some useful additions that’ll make your country kitchen feel complete.

To browse even more country kitchen classics, visit our Cotswold Co kitchen page.




  1. Hi. Last year I purchased 2 large wardrobes from you which were assembled on site. I am moving again and wonder if it’s not possible to get them through the doors is it possible to maybe take the wooden tops off or if still too big is it possible to dis-assemble and re-assemble on site? Can you supply this service? Regards Janice Sheppard

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thanks for your message, which wardrobes did you purchase and I’ll find out whether they need to be disassembled or not. It might be that this can be partially done with the right tools.

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