Fancy A New Hobby In 2018?

With the New Year fast approaching, it is the perfect time to reflect, reassess and plan for 2018. To think about what you missed in 2017, or wished you’d have done more of. To add your name to the list of an event, hobby, or course you’ve always wanted to pursue. And whilst there are 365 days in 2017 in which these dreams and pursuits could indeed have been realised, the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, welcoming in 2018 with a glass of bubbly and your loved ones, somehow seems a more significant and fitting occasion for positive change.

We all have interests or hobbies that take our fancy, but due to time restrictions, work commitments and general life ties, many of us find ourselves thinking, ‘I must do that, one day’. Why not take the Christmas period to really work out what it is you want to do in 2018 and decide how you wish to spend your free time. Having a hobby can really help to bring more meaning to your life and open your eyes to different possibilities – to handmade crafts you didn’t think you could do, to hobbies that involve being in the great outdoors and surrounded by nature, or DIYs for your home. Who knows, your new-found hobby could even begin to earn you money and perhaps turn into a fully-fledged career one day. When you find something you love, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite hobbies (that we’d quite like to try ourselves!), in the hope it’ll give you a little inspiration and ensure 2018 is the year you try something different or perhaps something you’ve been yearning to give a go!

why not take up CALLIGRAPHY?

Calligraphy has certainly grown in stature in the last few years, with a number of how-to books now readily available and online courses in abundance. An ancient writing technique that uses flat-edged pens to create lettering with thick and thin lines, it has been used for centuries all over the world. Today, we see this visual artistic form used for wedding invitations, signs, font and logo designs, in film and on TV, for testimonials and maps – the list is really quite endless. What’s more, it’s a hobby that is inexpensive to start and one you can do almost anywhere!

Find Calligraphy courses near you

or try your hand at POTTERY?

Certainly a hobby that seems to spark a lot of interest, the thought of making and glazing your own cereal bowls, coffee mugs or flower vases is a tempting one for many of us. Although an expensive activity to pursue, it’s certainly a rewarding one, and no doubt a hobby that could turn itself into a career if you successfully master the pottery wheel!

Look for pottery classes in your area

turn your talents to BEEKEEPING?

Although a hobby that may require a little more commitment, the thought of freshly-made organic honey straight from your garden and spread onto hot buttered toast – or drizzled into tea – every morning makes beekeeping an increasingly popular one to undertake. What’s more, it’s incredibly rewarding as you would be doing your bit to help the bee community thrive and continue, something which, as we’ve heard, remains perennially important.

Beekeeping for Beginners

or give PRESERVE-MAKING a go?

From blackberries to apples and elderberries to damsons, producing your own chutneys, jams and preserves is a fantastic way to utilise all the beautiful wild fruits and berries that grow in the English countryside. Another inexpensive hobby to try, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour all year round!

Preserve Courses at River Cottage

perhaps you have an eye for FLOWER ARRANGING?

An ideal craft for birthdays, weddings or family gatherings, there is a special art to creating beautiful flower arrangements – and no end of courses and tutorials to show you how to arrange your favourite blooms for every season! Whether you prefer the wild country garden look, or big colourful displays, it’s a useful skill to have, and one that could easily lead you towards a successful floristry career.

Workshops at the Cambridge Flower School

or fancy yourself a SEWING BEE?

Image Credit: Ideal Home

Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfectly patterned lampshade, or a beautifully-fitting dress for a special occasion. Perhaps you’d like to update your old lamp base with a lick of paint and a handmade lampshade to match your new curtains; or you’re tempted to try your hand at making a few cushions for the living room. Having handmade items in your house will always make it feel more like a home!

DIY  Fabric Lampshade

Have you heard? Our beautiful Cotswold Co flagship store in Stow-on-the-Wold now stocks Farrow & Ball paints and wallpaper – perfect for New Year DIYs!

If you do give any of these new crafts and hobbies a go, do let us know via Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to hear what your new crafty ventures are for 2018!



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