If mum has a little bit more of a down-to-earth disposition and likes to receive something functional as well as fun, we thought we’d put together a shopping list of items that tie in a touch of sentimentality with plenty of practicality too.

Take a look through some suggestions from our accessories range and see if you can find the perfect gift for a practical mumma!

Lovely Lights For Bedtime Bookworms

If mum always has her nose in a book at bedtime, perhaps this stylish little lamp could light the way. With a beautifully solid stoneware base and an Ottoman style geometric pattern etched into the clay, our Kardal Stoneware Lamp has a wash of stunning yellow ochre glaze, which allows the stunning pattern to shine through. If this isn’t quite her style, have a look through our lamp collection to find the perfect fit.

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Gifts For a Punctual Mum


If mum’s keen on being prompt or alternatively needs a little help being punctual, our clock collection could lead you straight to a splendid tongue in cheek gift. We have all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes that would look ideal adorning mum’s kitchen, living room or hallway wall.

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Cushions For The ‘Story Corner’


If mum has become a nan in recent years, she might want to create a cosy story corner for when the grandchildren visit, so a few comfy cushions won’t go a miss.  These beautifully simple Dayita cotton cushions work well as a pair or mixed and matched with our Malika, and Nikhita styles.

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Tie a cushion or two in with a comfy blanket like this Astrid Lambswool Throw and you’ve just given mum all the tools she needs to make story time snug as a bug.

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Interior Treats For a Twitcher!

If mum is enamoured with our feathered friends, why not provide some practical perches for coats and hats with a little tweety twist! Our set of four wall hooks are a quirky little gift for any bird loving lady.

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For A Lover Of Kitchen Coordination

If the kitchen is mums domain and she loves having the tools to make it a haven for organisation and order, take a look at some of our fabulously functional hooks and baskets that make kitchen coordination a doddle.

These gifts may not be as fluffy as flowers, but if you know your mum has a penchant for the practical you’ll know this kind of gift will make her smile and think of you every time she uses it.

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For a Mum Who Needs to Put Her Feet Up! 

If you have a hard working mum who just needs a well-earned rest, maybe this neat little, knitted pouffe and a nice bottle of her favourite tipple could be the perfect way to persuade her to put her feet up and relax.

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Ultimately Mothers day is just about making Mum feel appreciated and finding a way to show that all her qualities and quirks are acknowledged and loved.

You know her best, so have a browse through our Accessories range and you’ll find lots more inspiration and practical presents that we’re sure will make Mother’s Day special.

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Pssssst….If you’ve left it too late to buy online why not pop by and pick out something perfect for Mum from one of our stores. Located in The Cotswolds and Norwich, you could even make a special day of it with the lady herself!

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