Home Comforts for Spring

As we emerge from the cold, dark months of winter and look forward to the light-filled days of spring ahead, we remember with fondness those homely touches and rituals that we found so comforting during the weeks when the sun would start its descent as early as 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Perhaps it was stealing a moment to enjoy a soothing mug of rich hot chocolate beside the fire, curling up with a good book as the wind blustered outside, or carrying out the morning ritual of showering the bed with cosy cushions and soft throws to tempt you back under when dusk drew near.

Following the onset of spring, we warmly welcome the lighter evenings and warmer weather that easily entices us to venture outside. It almost brings with it an inherent obligation – to make the most of it, to be outside and not to waste the wonderfully endless light-filled days stuck inside, especially when its duration remains so unpredictable. You see, there’s nothing that quite beats the British summer, but it can always leave just as quickly as it arrives.

Those cosy home comforts we relied upon so heavily do not necessarily have to end now that we’ve waved goodbye to the cold months of winter though. We often underestimate the importance of them – and the contentment, serenity and enjoyment they bring us, both physically and mentally. To read uninterrupted, to bake, snuggle under a blanket and watch ITV3 dramas, to write, sew, enjoy a long soak in the bath, cook for friends, light a favourite candle or enjoy breakfast in bed – there’s no reason why these can’t continue to be enjoyed following the arrival of spring.

alfresco dining

Timeless Kitchen Collections

 It’s just a matter of reinventing them for the warmer weather. So while snuggling up in front of the TV with a comforting lasagne feels pretty heavenly in early January, the lighter evenings now present the perfect opportunity for dining alfresco with friends or family. Bring out the fairy lights (and rugs – let’s not get carried away just yet!), treat yourself to some colourful seat cushions and dine away the evening outside with good food and better company. Locally-grown fruit and vegetables are just calling out to be served up in fresh summer salads and delectable desserts at this time of year too!

a novel idea

While reading beside the fire in the depths of winter is a common and indulgent home comfort many of us enjoy – so too is whiling away a sunny afternoon sitting in a candy-striped deckchair or sprawled across a picnic blanket enjoying treats of Charcuterie and fizz. The spring months offer the perfect opportunity for reading just about anywhere – in a quiet spot beside the river, seated outside your favourite cafe or in the privacy of your own garden or balcony.

a spring clean

Don’t worry, we’re not claiming cleaning to be a home comfort per se, but there is something wonderfully comforting in getting the home ready for a new season, especially spring. It’s a chance to open the windows and let in some much-needed fresh air, have a clear-out through the jars hiding in the pantry and those tucked away in the kitchen cupboards, and even to have a good sort through your wardrobe. It’s time to say goodbye to those cosy knits (although it might be wise to keep hold of one or two, just in case) and reintroduce those summer essentials. The start of spring always feels like the perfect time to invest in new storage too, so have a browse through our painted wardrobe collections if you’re on the lookout for plentiful solutions for housing new spring pieces.

be lazy

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When the weather outside is blustery and cold, it’s so much easier to justify being indoors in the warmth. But being cosy isn’t just about hearing the pitter-patter of the rain on the window pane while you’re inside. Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than taking a pew at the kitchen table, lazing on the sofa or on your bed feeling the sunshine streaming through with the windows wide open. Why not maximise comfort and cosiness for spring with our range of colourful cushions and soft throws – perfect for an afternoon of reading (or snoozing!) and enjoying the sunshine from inside your home.

get cosy for spring

Jolee Stripe Throw | William Morris Lily Leaves Cushion | Clemento Wool Round RugWilliam Morris Strawberry Thief Cushion

Home comforts will always mean different things to different people – but that’s really the beauty of them. They are those little slices of enjoyment, comfort and utter contentment that remind us we’re home, whatever the season.

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