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The Dorchester Pine Range has been part of the Cotswold Company family for many years. It’s provided countless customers with a timeless country look that’s quintessentially English. There is so much to love about this range, but we’ve put together just a few of the reasons why we think that even though its design is as old as the hills, it still has a place at the heart of any modern country home.

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The Beauty of Pine

The Beauty of Pine, goes way beyond its knotty grain and characterful exterior. Pine is an inexpensive, reliable and sustainable material to use. It provides an accessible route to hardwearing, long lasting furniture and a neutral finish that offers flexibility to your interior design.

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Its low price means that if you ever want to update it and adapt the colour to match a change in your surroundings, you’re able to do so with a quick rub down and a lick of paint. Pine can therefore offer you the perfect platform on which to create something that’s truly bespoke and unique to your home.

For more information on how to do this, take a look at our blog post on customising furniture.

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The Luxury of Options

The Dorchester Range is broad. It covers almost every aspect of the home and offers a range of furniture options within each room you’re updating. Having this much choice can give you real consistency across your property with little need to compromise on whatever shape and size you’re after. With 8 different bookcase options alone, you’ll have a much easier job finding the perfect product to fit the space you have available, if you’re selecting from the Dorchester Range.

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We Love Longevity

This range is solid, well made and affordable. It gives our customers the option to invest in something with longevity without breaking the bank. It may not be a glamorous range, but it has an honesty and integrity to it that’s refreshing in the flat-packed, disposable, trend driven world we live in.

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Our customers are conscientious, they want more than just ‘flash in the pan’ furniture that’s here today and gone tomorrow. They want something that will improve with age and become more endearing the more worn and weathered it becomes. The Dorchester Range is strong, reliable and timeless, some of the many reasons why we’ve seen such a resurgence in its popularity.

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An English Country Classic

Looking across our ranges of furniture, Dorchester Pine is certainly one that stands out as typifying what we’d describe as a Country Classic. This is a design that isn’t opulent, there is no sense of grandeur, it isn’t trying to be anything its not…

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Dorchester Pine is just a timeless, functional design that’s been utilised by real people in working homes up and down the country for centuries. It’s a style that has endured an abundance of change and adapted to its surroundings with ease… because that’s what classic, timeless design does perfectly!

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Take a look at The Cotswold Company website to explore the Dorchester Range in full.

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