Easter spread

Show off your eggcellent decorating prowess

When it comes to Easter décor, fresh pastel colours, flowers and greenery can give you an instant Spring feeling. Set the mood of sunshine with clean, bright accessories – nothing too fussy.

And whether you plan to celebrate with family, friends or the bunny this Easter how you approach the table decoration can make all the difference. We brought our gorgeous Light Oak Table and Linen Chairs alive for Easter with daffodils and tulips displayed in ceramic pots, and pastel linens and crockery.

Then there’s everything eggs… in all shapes and forms – from hard boiled eggs your children/grandchildren can paint and decorate, which can be stacked in an Easter basket, to egg cups used to hold miniscule spring flowers; violets, bluebells and other small wonders all work well.

And of course, don’t forget the chocolate ones – foiled wrapped chocolate eggs placed in a nest can be a brilliant Easter centrepiece with the added advantage of being able to give guests an edible treat!

Egg hunt basket

Make children and adults eggstatic with these Easter games

We don’t think you can beat (excuse the pun) a good old fashioned egg hunt on a spring afternoon. Running about collecting armfuls of chocolate is a sure way to put a smile on anyone’s face, whatever their age. And it can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

  1. Plan the route
  2. Pick the treats – ideally you want treats in some kind of wrapper
  3. Write the clues – consider areas suitable for the treats to avoid chocolate melting in the sunshine and a sticky mess
  4. Lay it all out at an appropriate time – ideally before your guests arrive
  5. Set your guests on their merry way


Egg and spoon race – what better ‘English country’ game for any age – simply mark out lanes with string in the garden, provide egg and spoons and away you go! To make it a little more difficult if you have adults playing – give them a teaspoon!

And the Easter game for the brave…

The egg toss. There are a variety of ways to play this game, but we’ll tell you our favourite. Pair your guests up in twos, give them an uncooked egg and get them to throw it between them; starting toe to toe with their opponent, every successful catch results in both individuals taking a step back. Eventually someone will crack under the pressure and get ‘egg on their face’ – literally!

Easter cakes

Eggceptionally great ideas for baking up a storm

Easter provides the perfect excuse for devilish food – it’s a holiday that’s celebrated with Chocolate so it would be rude not to partake! If you need a little help with some fun Easter snack ideas, check out our top 5…

Chocolate nests – whether you opt for the more traditional Rice Krispies covered in chocolate or you aim for a more textual representation of a nest with Shredded Wheat covered in chocolate, Easter nests are a firm favourite – topped off with sugar coated chocolate mini eggs there’s nothing better.

Easter cake – chose your favourite cake to make and then decorate it with Easter inspired elements to your heart’s content, it’s that easy! Ideas for decoration include: a veggie patch, a bunny head, a bird’s nest, a woolly lamb, an Easter chick or a decorated egg.

Iced biscuits – using any of the decoration ideas above – create your favourite biscuits and then ice them accordingly – simple!

Carrot pops – these are not a healthy alternative to sweet treats, rather they’re mini carrot cakes on a stick. Yummy.

Simnel cake – it’s not Easter without a bit of marzipan and there’s no better way to deliver it than with this traditional fruity and spicy Easter concoction. You can find a thousand recipies on the internet for this, but here’s one of our favourites from Mary Berry.

Have a very happy Easter!

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