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It’s a time when the whole family comes together – to laugh, smile, catch up, eat, drink and be merry. It’s a time for making memories, for remembering past ones and enjoying each other’s company. For those you don’t see perhaps as often as you’d like, for introducing little ones to new, lifelong traditions and appreciating the older generations who have set such a familiar and important precedent. It is times such as these that we remember always, that we look forward to and want to make as special as can be.

We understand the great memories that can be made around a kitchen table. That the very best and most-loved will bare the marks, scrapes and battles – good and bad – of years gone by. How it remains standing through early birthday breakfasts and late night anniversary dinners, through mid-week solitary coffee moments and impromptu weekend get-togethers. It has seen uncontrollable laughter and tears, moments of anger and despair, homework nights and early-hours’ revision, letter-writing and party planning.

And yet through all this, through all the family secrets, memories and moments it has seen, it continues to weather the storm. Although just a piece of furniture to many, we know the kitchen table is an important part of the family.

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Celebrating and enjoying Christmas lunch around the kitchen table then is perhaps one of the main highlights of the festive season for many of us. Coming together – whether it’s just one generation or four – to eat a delicious feast and enjoy each other’s company. While preparation can consume most of the morning, decorating the table needn’t be an exhausting or expensive afterthought.

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You still have time to plan ahead and add one or two handmade additions to the table. This 5 Pointed Origami Star is beautifully effective and easy to make once you’ve mastered the many folds! Perfect as a standalone decoration for the table or arranged on the mantelpiece, you could use left-over wrapping paper or gold craft paper for an inexpensive festive ornament that’ll last.

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Wonderfully reminiscent of our own store and location shoot decorations for a colourful Christmas, these simply beautiful tissue pom poms would make a truly festive addition to your Christmas table. To avoid any gravy spills, try hanging them so they sit suspended over the table – simple yet effective!

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An easy DIY that doesn’t even require a pair of scissors, these gold branches would make a visually stunning centrepiece for your table this Christmas. Try adding a few sprigs of holly, red berries or stems of eucalyptus – either sprayed gold or left natural too.

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If you’ll be dining on a long table for Christmas lunch, divide this simple festive arrangement into smaller mismatched vases and jam jars and dot them around the table for a more laid-back yet effective touch. Or, try laying sprigs of ivy or holly across the table for a centre garland, interspersed with church candles and mercury candle holders.

Foliage from your garden offers a wonderfully festive yet inexpensive decoration for Christmas, and not just for the dining table either. Decorate hallways, staircases and bookcases with a touch of greenery and large pine-cones. Candles, large baubles or a string of warm fairy lights entwined with your foraged foliage finds will also help to add a touch of magic and sparkle too!

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