Wishing to incorporate a little light into your home is especially true during the darker months of winter. The sun sets as early as quarter to four in the afternoon and often doesn’t rise until we’re all up and on our way to work. It’s no secret that this deprivation of natural sunlight has an adverse effect on our mood. While snuggling up beside the fire and getting cosy is a wonderful benefit of the winter months, wake-up calls shrouded in darkness and early evening commutes home blinded by headlights and traffic lights is not always conducive to an enhanced mood.

Introducing more light into our homes can undoubtedly help to improve well-being and lift our moods, so it’s important to think of the best ways to incorporate it. While adding a sky-light, an extra window or exchanging wooden doors for glass ones are all viable options to creating a lighter home – they are not necessarily practical, simple – or inexpensive – suggestions. So really thinking about your current light sources and noting down the darker and more shadowy areas of your home that would benefit from a little illumination, are both important first steps.

floor lamps

For the bedroom, snug or living room, a floor-standing lamp can help to add a useful and decorative source of light. If you’re an avid night-time reader, the height on many of our floor-lamps can be adjusted too, so you needn’t worry when the sun starts to set – you’ll still be able to sit in your favourite cosy spot and read long into the evening.

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table lamps

On those days where you are working from home, good lighting is as important as a regular supply of good coffee. From retro designs to rustic ceramic bases and beautiful metallic hardware, our illuminating collection will slot in seamlessly and help to booster your creative space.

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pendant lighting

Setting the right mood in the kitchen or dining room often lies heavily with the lighting you use. For these rooms it’s nice to create a relaxing, warm and homely ambience – whether you’re dining in for two or hosting a special dinner party. Pendant lighting works wonderfully here, suspended over a kitchen island or dining room table. Whether you decide to mix together a cluster of different lampshades or prefer a more symmetrical set up, these lights will help to create an industrial feel with a country touch – perfect for a more contemporary or traditional home!

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If you’re someone who changes their mind frequently, then lighting is a perfect yet inexpensive way to switch up your home interiors. Invest in a sturdy and timeless lamp base and interchange the lampshade when you fancy something different – perhaps a bolder colour to reflect the change in seasons or a vibrant pattern to welcome new guests. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even try to make a lampshade of your own using fabric remnants for a personal touch.

While these winter months will not continue forever, it’s important to make the most of them, and not wish them away too quickly. We know the importance of creating a warm, cosy and illuminating home to return to, one where you can relax, read, indulge and switch off. With a variety of lighting options for the office, living room, kitchen, guest room and hallway to choose from, we’ll help to brighten your days until the lighter spring months appear!

Helping you to create a truly homely and comforting ambience, our collection of beautiful candles – available in a range of welcoming scents – are now available in store too!

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