Westbury Painted Grey, Grey furniture, brushed metal handles, Dining, Kitchen2

We’ve recently introduced the Westbury Grey Range to our Cotswold Company family. Its shade of grey adds a contemporary twist to the classic Westbury design, that’s been a staple part of our collection for many years. We’ve captured our Westbury Grey Sideboard as part of our Cotswold Co kitchen and have highlighted some of our favourite features of this modern country look…

Westbury Painted Grey, Grey furniture, brushed metal handles2

Classic Style, Contemporary Finish

The Wesbury style has a timeless quality and yet, in this new shade of grey, it looks contemporary as well as classic. The smooth finish of the cool grey allow it to slot beautifully into a modern interior, and our sideboard would sit happily alongside any contemporary kitchen or dining space.

Chives, Fresh herbs, dream kitchen, painted furniture, oak surface

Styling – Displaying Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are lovely addition to your kitchen or dining area. They’re a great asset to your cooking and can also enhance the look and smell of your room too. We’ve displayed our herbs in some vintage pots from a local boot fair and think they complement this Westbury Sideboard beautifully. Seeing them out on display among your cookbooks is enough to get you in the mood for a spot of cooking. If you want to introduce more fresh herbs to your home and garden, take a look at our blog post ‘Fresh herbs at your fingertips‘ and get some great tips on how to care for them.

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Styling – Oil in a glass bottle

Even the humble vegetable oil can look beautiful if its tipped out of it’s plastic casing and poured into a beautiful glass bottle. We found our swing top bottles from an antiques and collectors fair, but you can find them in all shapes and sizes online and in places like Wilko for as little as a pound each. They’re an inexpensive way to make your cooking oils and vinegars look a little more presentable.

Wooden utensils, dream kitchen, kitchen storage, grey furniture, painted furniture

Styling – Displaying wooden utensils.

They’re tactile and interesting to look at, so a great thing to have out on display in your kitchen, rather than tucked away in a draw. If you’re collection is anything like ours it’s been built over years from hand-me-downs, gifts and purchases. Worn and well used objects like this can tell a story, so if you can elevate them in a nice ceramic pot they’ll become an attractive and useful feature in your kitchen area.

Dream kitchen, kitchen storage, herbs, copper pots

Brushed Metal Handles.

Though their shape and style are traditional, the brushed metal finish of these handles lift it this piece straight into the 21st century. We love how well the matt finish of the metal complements the smooth cool grey of the paintwork, it’s an understated little detail, that gives this piece a chic, contemporary edge.

Copper Pots, extra storage, kitchen, dining, cooking, cook books

Accessorising – The Wirework Storage Unit.

Our versatile wire storage unit provides the perfect spot for pots, pans and cookbooks in our Cotswold kitchen area. If you need to create some height for display or give yourself some additional surface or internal storage, this wire unit is an easy match for almost any style of furniture.


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