With the kids under your feet a little more than usual this week, you may need some helpful, swift and simple ways to tidy away and return to some civilised adult time in the evening. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite quick fix, fuss-free storage options, that’ll help you regain a little sanity during the school break.


The Benefit of  A Bench

If you have space, giving the kids their own designated storage and place to hang out could be a blessing. Our corner bench provides a great spot for them to sit and read while housing their toys at a low level. It has several modular components, so you can build it piece by piece or save money when you buy together.


Clever Corner Storage

Corner cupboards don’t take up a huge amount of lounge or bedroom space but can give you a handy spot for art equipment and small playthings. If our smaller version isn’t going to cut the mustard for the amount you have to hide, take a look at our taller units; they take up the same floor space but are perfect for hiding away board games, puzzles, and larger toys.


The Beauty of a Basket

When one pair of hands just isn’t enough, let a basket give you a little extra help. They’re a great device for scooping up the mess and keeping it neatly grouped together in an accessible spot. With strong handles, they’re easy to carry and give you a mobile carriage for rounding up the clutter.

Blanket Boxes


You’ll be hard pushed to find a simpler way to house all the kiddie clutter than in a blanket box. If you’re happy with the ‘pile it in’ approach, blanket boxes are great for literally slinging the mess away, without it being a laborious and orderly process. Plus, when the day’s chaos has been hidden away, you’re left with a handy place to perch and relax.

Wicker & Wood


This 10 drawer chest is a great option for combining all the family storage needs in one spot. The bottom baskets are easy for kids to access, light enough to manoeuvre and large enough to house toys and games of all shapes and sizes. The top drawers are divided up into handy compartments and provide a useful bit of extra storage for the grown-ups too!

Multi-drawer Magic


This multi-drawer chest has a drawer for every member of the family and maybe even some distant relatives too! Making a designated stowaway space for each child could solve some arguments and might even encourage a little bit of ownership when tidying up!

For more quick-fix storage solutions, take a look at our sideboard, shoe bench and cupboard selections and you’ll find a multitude of magnificent options.




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