Our NEW Westcote Range is bold, blue and beautiful. We love its smooth shaker style exterior, classic cup handles and contemporary colour. It’s a true modern classic and we’ve just had lots of fun styling it and trialling which colours and forms work with this brilliant blue finish. We’ve extracted some of our favourite features from the latest shoot so you can pick some ideas to experiment with in your home.

Mustard Yellow


This deep shade of blue looks fantastic when teamed with a contrasting shade. We particularly loved combining this range with mustard yellow. With a neutral background and this rich finish, you can have great fun with pop colours.


Our mustard yellow Roberts Radio looks particularly handsome with this range.

Dried Flowers


Dried flowers are great for adding an interesting structure to a display and they’re fantastically low maintenance. Bold yellows like these stunning Yarrow complement this range perfectly. Natural shades like this bundle of Flax can also work well because of their striking silhouette, particularly when displayed against the deep blue paintwork. Don’t be afraid to gather in groups, we’re fond of the ‘more is more’ approach!

Instant Vintage


There’s something beautifully adaptable about this range. It lends itself perfectly to a contemporary setting while accompanying retro accessories and vintage style furnishings so well.


We found this stunning vintage radio and thought its dusty blue features tied in with the deep blue of the Westcote paintwork. To tie the look together we gathered a cluster or two of Echinops to give a concentrated area of texture and muted colour.


The abstract mid-century curtains in the window, with hints of the muted blue and flecks of green, worked surprisingly well with this range.

Hand Blown Glass Vases


These hand blown glass vases made wonderful vessels for the range of dried flowers we experimented with. They’re understated and neutral, but without being plain. Their rustic, handmade imperfections make them even more endearing and we’re excited to say that a range of these vases are available to buy from the Cotswold Company. They are sold exclusively at our flagship store in Stow-on-the-Wold so pop by and pick up a few if you’d like to recreate this look.


Earthenware Pots & Glass Bottles

A selection of earthenware pots and vintage glass bottles are never far from hand when we’re dressing our furniture. This cluster of cream and brown earthenware bottles, vases and brown glass vessels, elevated these small cuttings of dried Broom Blooms and complemented the oak surface of the Westcote Range. We gathered most of this collection from charity shops and boot fairs, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. They’re inexpensive but work brilliantly in groups.

Structural plants


Structural plants work superbly with the Westcote Range. Bold colours need to be counter-balanced by bold forms and shapes, so the angles and spikes of cacti and succulents match the contemporary spirit of this range brilliantly.



Cloches are a great way to have fun with display. Their delicate glass domes give you a centre stage on which to experiment. Cloches can be used to showcase the things you love, or simply as a vessel for protecting delicate ornaments. Don’t be afraid to be bold and create a bit of theatre within the confines of your dome.

These cloches come in a range of sizes and are available exclusively at our flagship store in Stow-on-the-Wold.


Tamra Ochre Lamp

If you’re considering investing in this range, make sure you have a look through our selection of accessories. There is a multitude of products with mustard tones like this retro style Tamra Table Lamp and our cosy Astrid Lemon Throw, which work well in both bedroom and living spaces.

Browse the rest of our wonderful Westcote Range online and have great fun styling it in your home!

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