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Why Does It Feel So Good to Be Outdoors?!

Summer is on the horizon and with it comes an anticipation and excitement about being outdoors; we’ve had our time of hibernation and we want to get out! There seems to be a new wave of appreciation for the great outdoors with more people rejecting time slouched in front of the box and opting for something with a little fresh air. So many of us realise the importance of being in physical contact with nature and also the positive affect of being in an open space, with a big open sky above your head. In persuit of as many reasons as possible to get out and about, we’ve come up with some of our favourite excuses to take the fun outdoors.

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Films in Fresh Air!

Great Scott! Ever fancied watching Jaws while on a Pier or Jurassic Park in the grounds of Kew Gardens? Despite our unpredictable weather, outdoor Cinemas are cropping up all across the country and showing contemporary and classic films for all the family to enjoy. Like the romance of the American ‘Drive In’ Cinema, the enjoyment of watching a classic film while you’re out in the elements is a wonder to behold. There are lots of companies putting on events like this, but Luna Cinema seem to be doing a wonderful job of showcasing some of our favourite films in some of our favourite locations too. Take a look and find a screen near you, and don’t forget to take a cushion and some cosy blankets to keep you snug when the sun goes in.

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Outdoor Gigs

If you’re not willing to endure an entire festival, you can still enjoy listening to live music while basking in the great outdoors with one of the many outdoor gigs taking place this Summer. You can find all sorts of outdoor events in some breath-taking scenery,  like the Leeds Castle classic concert, Kew The Music at Kew Gardens and the summer series at Somerset House. If you want to be a little closer to nature while you listen to your favourite band, there’s a whole host of gigs arranged by the Forestry Commission in some of the country’s most beautiful woodland.

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Love For Lidos

There seems to be a renewed love affair with the humble British Lido. Some of the stunningly beautiful lido buildings of the 1920’s are being revamped and renovated for modern day use. Older communal baths are being restored and new outdoor swimming areas are opening up. Saltdean Lido is a great example of this, not only are they restoring a national landmark and a beautiful Art Deco building but also giving the public a beautiful place to exercise in the open air. Take a look at Tinside lido for a fine example of one that’s fully up and running. If you want to feel even closer to nature when you go for a dip, take a look at the Wild Swim Map and find one of the country’s natural swimming spots in an area near you.

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Summer Cycling  

You don’t need to be a committed cyclist to enjoy the pleasures of a bike ride or a cycling holiday. There’s something about the wind rushing through your hair and the thrill of rolling down a hill that captivates the kid in all of us. It can give you a sense of adventure and excitement and if you pick a good route it can be stunningly beautiful too. Exploring by bike is the perfect way to discover an area at a leisurely pace and if you’re visiting the Cotswolds there are some captivating routes to get you better acquainted.  If you’re planning an international trip, take a look at Rapha’s City Cycle guides and plan your route with their beautifully illustrated books.

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Cool Camping

The ultimate way to get outdoors is to sleep out there!! There’s nothing quite like a night or two underneath a starry sky to breathe new life into your blood and get you away from life in front of a screen. Get back to basics and enjoy the simple life, listening to the noise of nature with just a sheet of fabric between you and the elements. There are so many options for the modern day camper and sites like Cool Camping offer some enticing locations and quirky accommodation for the most memorable experiences. Everything from luxury yurts to a long weekend in a VW camper; there are so many ways to embellish and enhance your time in the great outdoors. If you’d prefer location over dwelling, you can find some unforgettable spots dotted up and down the country. These articles in The Guardian and Telegraph list some exceptional options if you’re looking for inspiration.

Tell us about some of your plans this summer and why you think the outdoors really is great!


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