The Spring Series #1 Three Small Room Updates

The first signs of spring are starting to appear. Frolicking lambs in the fields, buds of blossom on the trees and the sun slowly setting that little bit later in the evenings. Following on from our blog post – 4 Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning – we thought we’d put together a short Spring Series with inspiration and ideas on how to update your home for the new season ahead.

Whilst it can be tempting to go straight in with the kitchen or bedroom – those rooms we spend most of our time in – we thought we would focus on those more forgotten spaces. Those rooms that don’t often receive as much attention or dedication. Those that often get lost when it comes to renovations and the redecorating lists. We believe it is these smaller rooms that can make an equally big impact. They are the rooms we may see on a daily basis, but where we tend to get what we need and then simply shut the door. We don’t consider them altogether cosy or welcoming but view them as practical and convenient. A necessary space that serves a purpose or function.

From the hallway to the utility room and the study or home office then, we’ve put together some ideas for uplifting colour schemes, practical accessories and simple decorative tips for creating a space that perfectly epitomises the start of spring. A space where you won’t just want to shut the door and forget about it, but rather one you’ll feel proud of and look forward to re-entering!

The HallwayL-R Chester Grey Storage Bench | Philip Pheasant Doormat | Chester Grey Console Table | Chester Grey Coat Rack | Extra Large Wicker Basket | Agustina Table Lamp | Agna Runner | F&B Peignor | F&B Purbeck Stone | F&B Light Blue | Newark Oak Telephone Table | Tamsyn Morgans

We speak rather a lot about our hallways. However long they may be, however narrow, grand or dark, our hallways are the first aspect of our homes we see when we walk through the front door. They help to create an impression – an idea of what we can expect as we venture further inside. We associate a ‘welcoming entrance’ as one that is light and bright. One that makes us feel welcome and comfortable. So it needs to be familiar and approachable – clutter-free and clean. Practical storage solutions like baskets and coat racks are perfect for our hallways. They provide handy spots for hanging coats, storing shoes, stowing away winter accessories or holding dog towels.

Accessories too, help an entrance to feel warm and welcoming. Patterned runners, beautiful ceramic lamps and characterful doormats will add personality and practicality. We understand that colour is an incredibly subjective subject, but we always like to suggest a few shades we would recommend for your home. Beautiful soft greys, muted neutrals and light blues will help to tick that ‘light and bright’ factor – perfect if your hallway is slightly smaller. Or, keep the walls a timeless creamy hue and be creative with painted stairs like Tamsyn!

The Utility Room

L-R Antique Rope Handled TrunkWhite Wash Storage Hamper | Vintage Wash-Up Tidy | Rebecca from rvk-loves | Grey Kooboo Round Basket | Malachy Wirework Storage Unit | 6 Hook Peg Rack | Meera Hook Rail | Raw Oak Towel Ladder | F&B Hague Blue | F&B Oval Room Blue | F&B Downpipe

 We’re sure many of us would admit to forgetting about our laundry or utility rooms. They are an altogether practical space for the never-ending task of washing, ironing and folding. We’re all for making this space feel a little more special though. Whatever the size of the space you’re working with, lots of natural and practical accessories will help to transform it. We love Rebecca’s utility room, and how it’s been transformed into a space that is not only well-thought-out and practical, but beautiful too. Painted in Farrow & Ball’s Downpipe, it’s the perfect room to step out of your comfort zone and be bold with darker hues. Whether it’s a small space or not, a laundry room doesn’t really need to be bright (like the kitchen or bedroom) – so choosing a neutral shade isn’t essential.

It’s a word we’re using a lot, but practical it must be. Not only because of its overarching purpose but also because, generally speaking, our utility rooms aren’t big spaces. Floorspace may be limited, so think about the layout and what you need for it to be functional. Shelving, peg hooks and ladders are terrific options for smaller spaces. Rather than having a row of cupboards taking up unnecessary floor space, give yourself more by opting for two or three long shelves instead. If you like cupboards or units for the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach, try using baskets perched on shelves instead. Not only do they hide a multitude of sins, but they’re perfect for adding a warm and rustic feel to the room.

The Home Office

Oakland Single Pedestal Desk | Tripod Floor Lamp | Lundy Stone Grey Double Pedestal Desk | Clarke Lamp | Newgate Clock | Antique Wash Storage Basket | Woven Round Seagrass Rug | William Morris Cushion | F&B Green Smoke | F&B Teresa’s Green | F&B Card Room Green | Chester Grey Medium Bookcase

Whether you work from home every day, a couple of times a week, or have a study that doubles as a spare bedroom when needed; it’s important to have a space that is effective and practical. One that makes working from home both productive, efficient and to a certain extent, enjoyable. We find that having a space that is personal can work wonders for productivity. It helps to create a space that you not only want to be in but most importantly, that you feel happy working in.

Storage then, is essential.

We’re firm believers that a tidy house = a tidy mind, so a tidy and organised office space is essential. From handy filing cabinets to small but useful bookcases and roomy desks with ample drawer and cupboard space – there’s no reason these essential office furniture items can’t be beautifully stylish too. Add comfort and personality with textured accessories, both for useful and more decorative purposes. From baskets and rugs to faithful house plants. Our green-leafed companions are continuing to grow in popularity throughout our homes. With air-purifying qualities and wonderfully adept at removing nasty impurities – not to mention bringing the outside in – it’s no surprise house plants make brilliant accessories within office spaces. They provide a much-needed focal point and have even been proven to lower stress levels. For sitting on your desk or popping in the corner, English Ivy, Snake Plants, Umbrella Trees, ZZ Plants and succulents are amongst our favourites.

With a week of blustery gales, spontaneous downpours and intermittent blue skies across the UK, it’s actually the perfect time to get creative inside. For getting those jobs ticked off around the home that you’ve been guiltily putting off and making a start on refreshing a room or two.

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  1. It was so engaging reading about all your advice and ideas I do hope it will continue!.
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    1. We always appreciate your lovely feedback, Wendy. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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