A room to relax in, to feel refreshed and rejuvenate for the day ahead. Our bedrooms play an important and enduring role in our lives, and yet, ironically, they are often the last room to benefit from a refresh. Perhaps it’s because it is the one room that isn’t ‘on show’. Unlike the living or dining room where the fear of friends and family popping in for a quick coffee lingers, we can shut the bedroom door and forget. The truth is though, that this is the room where you start and end your day. Where you unwind, sleep and get ready for the day ahead. If it is untidy, cluttered, dated or in need of a lick of paint, this will, unwittingly, have an adverse effect on your mood and mindset. Think of the feeling you get when you hop into bed with freshly laundered sheets – this is the same joy you must try to recreate every time you step into your bedroom!

Read on to discover our five simple and inexpensive tips for a welcoming bedroom refresh…

#1 colour palette

Colour can often work quite differently when you’re thinking about the bedroom. What works well in the dining room – a deep red or emerald green for example – might not have quite the same effect in the bedroom. A paler and more neutral colour palette will help to set the right tone – one of calm, rest and tranquillity. That being said, a bold feature wall can help to inject an interesting depth too – especially when it’s teamed with muted painted furniture and lighter accessories.

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#2  stylish storage

We all have that chair in the corner of our bedrooms where we ‘temporarily’ place our clothes throughout the week. Introducing stylish new storage solutions will make a world of difference to the overall feel – and help to keep it both tidy and clutter-free too!

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A full-length mirror in the bedroom will not only help to make the room look brighter and feel bigger, but it will also make the seemingly impossible task of deciding what to wear each morning a welcoming breeze!

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#3 think about textures

If you’re looking to redecorate or refresh your bedroom, but you’re on a bit of a budget, investing in a few soft furnishings can completely change its look and feel. A soft rug beneath your feet, a cosy throw draped over the bed, a host of colourful velvet cushions or even investing in a fresh new bedding set will transform your room into a warm and welcoming retreat.

Think again about colours here as it’s a great way to tie the room together. Soft blues and pale greys will help to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for a good night’s sleep!

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#4 fresh flowers

It’s surprising what a difference a beautiful bouquet of flowers can make to a room. Whether it’s a wonderfully colourful bunch, a trusted potted plant or a few stems of greenery, it will instantly help to lift the room and make it feel more homely and welcoming. It’s no secret that bringing the outside in can have a positive effect on your mood so this will, inevitably, lead to a more restful night’s sleep too.

Read our tips on how to bring the outside in.

#5 treasures & trinkets

It’s the personal and nostalgic knick-knacks which really help to make a house a home. Those items, that when you return home from holiday, or after a long day at work, make you realise what being home really means – the comfort, joy and contentment you feel as you step through the front door. That’s why it’s so important to have a few of these displayed in the bedroom too. Showcase those memories, those items that hold such happy connotations to them. Books, photographs, pictures and artwork, a perfume or family heirloom. Your bedroom is a retreat, so it’s important to surround yourself with meaningful treasures, however small or simple!

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Above all, it’s important to remember that your bedroom is private – it’s a safe haven in which to unwind from the day. Be selfish and don’t feel restricted – make it as cosy as you wish or as bold as you desire. Invest in timeless, classic furniture that will stand the test of time and weather new trend forecasts or a change in taste. What’s more, a bedroom refresh doesn’t have to be a great and costly overhaul – just implementing one or two of the tips above can make a noticeable and homely difference.



  1. We were hoping for a ‘quick bedroom refresh’ bu ordering one of your beautiful wardrobes. Instead all we gained was a damaged and broken wardrobe and a sever lack of response from your customer service team. Incredibly disappointed with the horrendous and lousy product and service.

    1. Hi Siobhan, I’m so sorry to hear this – if you could send me your order number I will pass it on to Customer Services straight away. Best wishes, Harriet

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